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I purchased a spring air mattress in Sept 2012. I couldn't be more unsatisfied with our purchase.

We spent about 2k and 3-4 years later(issues started 1 year ago) the mattress has two large indentations about a 6 inches deep on each side. We've flipped it, turned it, done the hokey pokey and the mattress has two large indentations on each side . We both toss and turn and wake up with aching backs. I'm trying to work with Spring Air and the company that sold us the mattress.

Problem is I only have the tags on the mattress and the shipping receipt but not the receipt and not getting very far. The tags show model #1120 and date of manufacturer 9/2012.

At this point I'm considering a tax deduction donation as I likely would not want another spring air.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Spring Air Mattress. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I purchased my Spring Air Mattress in April, 2016. I noticed that there was a ridge in the mattress that hit me right in the middle of my back.

Since the mattress was new I thought it needed to be broken in. Each night I would lay on the ridge hoping it would work itself out, and it did. One night when I lay down on it something banged like a gun shot. The ridge is gone, but now there is a sink hole.

I have turned the mattress around. It has only gotten worse.

I thought I had a good warranty and had decided I would call the company, but from I read it would do no good.

I was warned by a friend not to buy the pillow top. Didn't listen.

Fort Bragg, California, United States #1279933

we bought a Spring Air Berkshire in Jan 2016, date of manufacture 2015 and we had the exact same problem after 6 months. We waited a year (why I do not know, we were dumb) and went back to the the retailer we bought it from (after our backs and neck couldn't take it anymore) and basically were told that there was a big batch that had manufacturing defects and they had had a lot returned.

Basically, it was a recalled mattress. Just our luck to get a recalled mattress. We brought our crappy one back and got a new one. Just today.

Haven't even tried it yet. I am downright giddy at the idea of FINALLY getting a good nights sleep.

I am furious with the mattress company and will never buy this brand ever again. Very happy with the retailer that made getting a replacement easy.


Good luck! I have the same problem w/mine.

I contacted the company & it was horrible! Gave me a complete run around. Needless to say, they will not honor anything! I just can't believe after 4 years this is what I'm left with!

Please don't waste your money, time etc. I have contacted the BBB.

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